Good afternoon all,

Oh gosh, what a difference the weather is this week and I don't know about you but the onslaught of the dull autumn/winter dark days and mornings effects how I feel.

The sunny weather helps as I can get out and feel good but now with the weather and the constant talk of another 6 months under these conditions (which feels like a bigger struggle this time) is digging at me!

Since the lockdown was eased I have not taken the opportunity to socialise with friends or work colleagues until the situation got better (but it didn't) and instead it looks like we are in it for the long haul and at least until next spring.

I feel that I need to try and organise a support network for the people within my groups.  None of us want to get this horrible virus or face a winter of being alone - so in response to this I am organising the first hour long session on Sunday evening for anyone who is struggling (and a good few of you have confided in me that this is the case) to pop onto this zoom support group.

This will be an opportunity to talk about how we are feeling or just listen to how other people are feeling because if you don't feel comfortable talking or being on the screen then you can stay muted and blank your screen but at least being there you can take comfort from other people feeling the same emotions as you are experiencing  - and in some way this helps.

On Sunday I will have a trained counsellor on the zoom and they will have tips and ideas of how you can work at lifting your mood and little things you can do and try out to alleviate the feeling of loneliness.

I look forward to seeing you all on there.


If you do not feel like attending the zoom call but you feel you are struggling then please also message me direct on the above email.

We can all help each other and at times like this we need to pull together and get through this - don't let the pandemic or mental health get us!

You are invited to a Zoom meeting. When: Sep 27, 2020 06:00 PM London  Register in advance for this meeting:

All my very best. Jacqui x

I have written posts on how the pandemic has enhanced an already growing feeling of loneliness in this world of social media! This week I have had many messages from people who are feeling desperately lonely and worried about the imminent possibility of a second lock down and in response to this I have decided to start a little support group on Sunday evenings for a general zoom chit chat.

I will host this little warm and relaxed online chat on Sunday evening at 6pm and please come along and have a cuppa and a chinwag with us male and females and support each other.

Right, well I have had enough of sitting around waiting to be able to go out and visit the cinema, theatre, or just do things that involve meeting other people! As many of you know, I have been hosting the Friday Night Sip, Chat & Fun Quiz since March and this has turned into something that I never imagined when I first started! This group has seen many people come and go over the months and still new people join and old ones come back as it is that sort of group. Everyone is there for the same reason and such an easy going bunch :-)

Now that we seem to be heading into another lock down and the prospect of returning to any sort of near normal life is not happening in 2020. With this in mind I have and am looking at ways to brighten up our lives and give us something to look forward to and take part in.

I AM SO EXCITED to be able to finally say that I am now ready to roll out this fun and engaging online activity that will involve interaction and team work,

It is time to bring some fun entertainment into all our lives and living rooms!!

have teamed up with an Award Winning Entertainment Company to bring a series of dramatic & interactive Whodunit evenings - with twists, turns & huge helpings of laughter!

Live and experienced costumed actors will work hard at duping you with a complex and highly entertaining plot.

Several guests will have suspect parts but everyone plays detective. No one knows if they are the murderer.

24 participants on each Murder Mystery Event (4 groups of 6 sleuths!) 

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