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I hope you are all keeping well and excited about the possibility of getting our lives back in some form in early 2021. I, for one, am having a very quiet Christmas with my 3 kids home for the season and planning my escape in Spring 2021.

At the moment I am liaising with local venues and working on developing and delivering quirky singles events from Spring 2021. Please keep a look out for these as details of these fun an exciting events will start to filter through in the next few weeks. During the pandemic I have sent out a few surveys at different times and I have analysed the feedback from these as well as many conversations I have had with mature singles over a two year period - using this information I have developed a new offering. South Coast Dinner Society will change its name to 'Select Events' and this will take place in the first week in December. Within these changes there will be a new membership system with a package of benefits for members. If you choose to utilise this membership you will have access to discounts, for example, on any online activities that are delivered during the pandemic as well as post pandemic discounts on tickets for Proms in the Park, many select small events in premium locations, Winery Tours with lunch, weekend staycations at amazing venues and many many more. I have secured some new preferred partnerships with Brasserie Blanc Restaurants, Harbour Hotels, Merchant Hotel, local theatres, museums, wine/gin bars, photo shoot sessions, and many more in development! Select Events will be the sister company to the new 'Select Connections' which is a Introductions & Matchmaking Company for singles over 45 and to serve your local areas. This has been developed from many people telling me that they are worried about:

Growing old by themselves

Spending another Christmas on their own

Spending another New Year on their own

Spending another Birthday on their own

Spending another holiday on their own

Not everyone spends these occasions on their own but they tell me that the feeling is pretty much the same. They want to spend it with that someone special to make their life complete but organic dating is no longer a thing, people don’t ‘happen upon each other’ by chance, on the bus, in a café or even in the pub - its not the ‘done thing’ in today’s society.

I am one of those and I have tried internet dating and it was not for me – so what do I do now? Just sit around, wasting time as the clock ticks to the end of my 50’s and I keep on worrying about spending the years of my life that should be the years of travel, city breaks, fun and exciting adventures ON MY OWN??

Here is a snippet of next weeks launch.

At SELECT CONNECTIONS we provide a highly confidential personal matchmaking service for those who are serious about finding a new partner. For a lot of us, coming out of a long-term relationship can leave us struggling to imagine what it would be like to be loved again, but we should see this as a new chapter in our lives. Online dating services and dating apps aren’t for everyone. They can be time consuming and unpredictable. No matter what your reasons are for choosing the more personal approach to dating, then leaving it to Select Connections will be the best decision you have taken.

Our service is a world away from online dating and we use our intuitive matchmaking experience together, with our ability to scratch below the surface to find what our clients truly want in their partner. Next week I will circulate the new link. If by any chance you are on my mailing list and you would prefer not to receive emails or your circumstances have changed then please send me a message or unsubscribe as I do not want to send you information that you do not want to receive.

Meanwhile, as we are still in the lockdown then please join me on Friday night for a relaxed chat and laugh to take you away from the 4 walls or exhausted Netflix viewing. Last week some people commented that they had found some amazing new friends via the zoom Fridays, murder mystery events etc, and they would never have met them or had a chance to chat to them at a face to face event - so zoom has had some positive results during a horrible time and more so for people living on their own.


This is our third course and for those of you who wanted to experiment in Abstract Acrylics - whether you are a beginner or have been working in acrylics for some time.

· Eve Dawson, Tutor · 7th & 14th December, 10.00 – 12.00 · Delivered via ZOOM · £100 (please get class materials before the class) · BUY WHAT TO EXPECT ON ABSTRACT IN ACRYLICS Find a suitable space to work either upright or on a tabletop, and join Eve Dawson for this two hour session The idea is to choose a limited colour palette with your choice of colours – say four or five acrylic colours ( if you want to discuss with me the colours you have chosen before the class you can via an email ) The colours you choose may be to match an interior or just because you love them. The class will be about making an initial mark on your paper and then following through your instinctive ideas that will bring the page together as an abstract picture. Before you start you may have an idea for a picture – the sky? the seaside? the landscape? – but instead of copying a view or a photo you will produce marks with your colours from memory and in an abstract way. Eve will demonstrate and explore with you, the process, as you intuitively go about making a series of marks in Acrylic paints, Inks, graphite, oil pastels and a few other materials using and a variety of tools such as house painting brushes, palette knives and old credit cards.

The point of the session is to rid you of the fear of making that first mark, to trigger a natural response to the materials you are using and to discover what they can offer in the way of colour, substance and movement.

At the end of the session will you will come away with a new found confidence in your own individual style which can lead to a more creatively productive practise.

You may decide to do two paintings over the two classes or continue with one. BUY


· you may use paper or a canvas to the size that will allow you to hang it straight on the wall

· a selection of brushes,

· your selected palette of colours and ‘tools’ to help you apply paint to your canvas

· a water mister

· protective clothing

· disposable gloves.

· masking tape

This is for those of you who thought you would like to try art - but never managed to quite get around to it - now you can do it in the comfort of your home!

. Tutor Kate Measham · 24th November, 1st and 8th December · 10.00 - 12.00 am · £120 (please have material needed for the class before the class begins) BUY “Every artist was first an amateur. Ralph Waldo Emerson What to Expect on this course No experience is necessary - don't worry if you haven't picked up a pencil creatively, nor a brush, nor a stick of glue. This course is going to re-introduce the fun, the pleasure, occasional frustrations and delights that painting and drawing can bring. You will be carefully guided through these introduction to art classes. We will support and encourage you to explore, experiment and enjoy the process. On this course we want to re- kindle your imagination, develop new skills and get in touch with your inner artist.

The course will be developed over three classes.

DRAWING - looking at different uses of drawing, different materials and certain aspects of drawing such as, tone and mark making. MIXED MEDIA - this is a playful class looking at narrative, composition and new materials. COLOUR - thinking about colour is the first step towards painting. You will touch on colour theory and work with oil pastels and a type of watercolour. What happens during a class?

Each class will involve the tutor giving clear instruction and demonstrations, where necessary. You will follow the instructions using the materials provided. At various points through the class you will be put into discussion groups so you can chat about what you are doing, sharing your progress and problems. At the end of each class the tutor will go over the various topics and instructions from the day's class. There will be a chance to ask questions.

We will suggest homework between classes BUY

What you need to do this course

Materials for Art classes

· You will need a pad of large cartridge paper A2

· Drawing pencils, something like 3B, 5B and 7B

· A mixed box of charcoal - including large pieces

· A rubber and a pencil sharpener

· Pritt stick

· Scissors

· Koh-i-noor anilinky Brilliant watercolours – please try to find these brilliant ones. They are very cheap and excellent for what you will be doing

· Ox tail Mop, size 14 or similar (paint brush)

· Cheap and cheerful wax crayons

· A4 sketchbook

· Masking tape

These materials are mostly readily available on art websites.


Art Discount


In addition you will need to find a table to work at, a jar of water and an apron, overalls, or old clothes.

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