An update on ME

Right, well I thought I would give an update on how I am embracing and getting on with being 55 and single. Since I set up the website approximately 8 months ago and I wrote the text that explains why I am doing this and my reasons behind the events, things have evolved slightly!

As many of you know, I work full time in Business Development and I plan and run the singles events in my spare time. I get so much satisfaction from this as in my previous life I was in the event business - so I now get the pleasure of reverting back to this and I need to say that the most satisfaction I get is when my lovely guests have overcome their anxiety of getting back out into the world of dating or even socialising on their own and not with a friend or family member, but on their OWN and they feel empowered and ready to go!! this is what makes me tick. I see this at every event and I know I am doing the right thing when they say to me that it was so much easier than they anticipated as when they walked in the door - there I was, as promised waiting to welcome them, make them feel comfortable and then introduce them to other people in exactly the same boat.

Anyway let's move January/February I have/had been 'dating' for the first time in 2 years !! and it came out of the blue and initially I enjoyed it very much, having someone other than my daughter and the dogs for company but alas not for me! I'm thinking in those 2 years I have been on my own, I have become very odd/set in my ways and dating is not like what I remember when I was in my 20's where it "just happened" but now it seems that I analyse everything before, like, does he likes dogs?? I work longs hours, I like a few Saturday nights at home on my own!! and many more stupid and irrelevant questions that I would not ask myself if I met the right person.

My point is - its not easy for me and many male/females in the same boat, as we all feel/suffer the same anxieties and when I can introduce people to each other for friendship, companionship or dating purposes then this makes everything worthwhile

for me...........and who knows, maybe one day I will meet my "companion"....................

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