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This is for those of you who thought you would like to try art - but never managed to quite get around to it - now you can do it in the comfort of your home!

. Tutor Kate Measham · 24th November, 1st and 8th December · 10.00 - 12.00 am · £120 (please have material needed for the class before the class begins) BUY “Every artist was first an amateur. Ralph Waldo Emerson What to Expect on this course No experience is necessary - don't worry if you haven't picked up a pencil creatively, nor a brush, nor a stick of glue. This course is going to re-introduce the fun, the pleasure, occasional frustrations and delights that painting and drawing can bring. You will be carefully guided through these introduction to art classes. We will support and encourage you to explore, experiment and enjoy the process. On this course we want to re- kindle your imagination, develop new skills and get in touch with your inner artist.

The course will be developed over three classes.

DRAWING - looking at different uses of drawing, different materials and certain aspects of drawing such as, tone and mark making. MIXED MEDIA - this is a playful class looking at narrative, composition and new materials. COLOUR - thinking about colour is the first step towards painting. You will touch on colour theory and work with oil pastels and a type of watercolour. What happens during a class?

Each class will involve the tutor giving clear instruction and demonstrations, where necessary. You will follow the instructions using the materials provided. At various points through the class you will be put into discussion groups so you can chat about what you are doing, sharing your progress and problems. At the end of each class the tutor will go over the various topics and instructions from the day's class. There will be a chance to ask questions.

We will suggest homework between classes BUY

What you need to do this course

Materials for Art classes

· You will need a pad of large cartridge paper A2

· Drawing pencils, something like 3B, 5B and 7B

· A mixed box of charcoal - including large pieces

· A rubber and a pencil sharpener

· Pritt stick

· Scissors

· Koh-i-noor anilinky Brilliant watercolours – please try to find these brilliant ones. They are very cheap and excellent for what you will be doing

· Ox tail Mop, size 14 or similar (paint brush)

· Cheap and cheerful wax crayons

· A4 sketchbook

· Masking tape

These materials are mostly readily available on art websites.


Art Discount


In addition you will need to find a table to work at, a jar of water and an apron, overalls, or old clothes.

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