Lets do this together!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog, and talked about pandemic loneliness - well here we are further down the line and only in England the lockdown has slightly lifted but in Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales it remains intact and the longer the pandemic goes on the more our feelings of being on our own turn into anxiety that can lead to depression.

We are one of the 8 million people living alone in Britain — 15% of the adult population — yet while the daily struggles of couples and families are well-documented, for us singles, not so much.

Solo lockdown is really tough. I would love it if you could join me and my band of “mature solos” for a get together and chat. Every night that we have a get together, new people join in and we always find something in common to chat about, which is easy, fun and nobody expects anything from each other as this is NOT a ‘dating’ thing – it IS a ‘friendship’ thing and as we grow in momentum we are growing in friendship and at this minute in time that is the most important thing - relating to each other, which is better than any kind of therapy!

Come on then ……. Join me and if it is not for you then at least you have tried and decided not for you !!

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