Out of something bad........we are finding good!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend? Well......last Friday was a revelation within itself!! What a lovely evening that was meant to last 1.5 hours and 3 hours later people had been on and had to go off and came back again and some that were on from 7pm and still there when I left at 10.30pm. More new people joined and it was lovely to see that they felt comfortable within minutes.

When I set out to run the twice weekly 'sip & chats' with the quiz added in every so often it was literally for a few weeks....... and 3 months later they are now growing and new acquaintances from wider areas have been formed, as online means we can be virtual friends until we get the opportunity, as an ever increasing group of friends to one day meet and have that face to face interaction that our society is now growingly craving.

What I did not expect from running these free online get togethers is the diverse range of people who have joined in and who continue to join every week. I look forward pouring out my glass of Chardonnay and settling down on a Friday evening to hearing how everyone is and watching as new people join the group and sit in the background until they feel they are ready to join in. We have a general chit chat and then sometimes roll into a deeper conversation and when someone tells us something that is possibly troubling them or they feel they want to share - then we all pull together and give what we feel is advise, but only when asked for our advise!

What we have in common - we are all mature, single people who are enjoying the companionship of these chats and the laughs we have, especially last Friday when one of the group (nameless) had a tiny to much sipping (you know who you are :-). The craic was good and I had a tiny headache on Saturday morning - but it is all good for the soul, especially in these times as. bad news seems to be all that we hear.

I have a little survey on my facebook page and I would appreciate it if you would take the time to complete the 4 answers. Many thanks and take good care. Jacqui x

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