Pandemic Loneliness

As we find ourselves in the middle of this ‘lock down’ scenario that now will seem to get stretched out for at least a further 3 more weeks, we are now starting to remember the social interaction of making a cup of tea at work, chit chat with work colleagues on a Friday about what you were doing at the weekend and on the Monday about what you did at the weekend, coffee dates, saying hello to acquaintances whilst out locally, shopping or socialising………and now all that we took for granted seems like a long time ago and when will we return to some sort of normality and in what form will that be??

I found out the other day that the UK has a Minister for Loneliness! The reason this came about was that pre-covid 19 there was a loneliness epidemic. Now, I thought when I read this ‘will it be a loneliness pandemic’ now that more people have been locked down and are totally alone!

Many people who join my groups or message me as the weeks go by are now starting to feel that they are getting greater feelings of being lonely and anxious as the lock down continues. They feel somewhat embarrassed to admit it to themselves as this is not in their nature or personality to be this way as they are friendly, vibrant, energetic people and they believe it has a certain stigma attached to it!

If I am to be totally honest, I feel lonely throughout this horrendous time and that simply comes from the feeling of not having that someone who is close to me, to talk over the worries of the whole scary situation and someone to reassure me that we will all come out of this healthy and financially able to get on with our lives. I have family and friends who I am in constant touch with but when it comes to the end of the day, I am by myself.

It feels good to admit that I am lonely and lifts a certain weight from my shoulders and now it feels less scary and I can talk to my ever increasing group of online single ‘Sippers & Chatters’ either together or on a one to one basis (which we do quite often) and I ask them if they are feeling lonely and the answer is mostly ‘yes’. It is good to talk and it’s even better to hear that someone else feels exactly the same way that you have been feeling.

If you have been or are feeling lonely or anxious then please feel free to message me and we can have a one-to-one zoom or phone chat, and I promise you that at the end of the chat you will feel much better......and I will as well :-)

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