Time to RAMP things up!!

Right, well I am very excited to say that things are moving in the right direction and today myself and the lovely Janet from the King & Queen in Hamble have set up a very exciting event:

DINNER WITH A DIFFERENCE!!! Wednesday 26th February at 7pm Working in conjunction with The South Coast Dinner Society, which connects like-minded 45+year olds at dinner events, we will be hosting our first dinner party in The Lower Deck@The King & Queen for 7.30pm sit-down.

Seats are strictly limited to 24 with an even male/female split. Tickets are £25 p.p for a 3 course supper; your hostess is Jacqui, who started the South Coast Dinner Society. Please message me for tickets; they are booking up fast! Come & meet & eat ... far better than a dating site!!!

As I am writing this blog it is 7:05pm and 16 tickets have been sold to even numbers......come along and find out what the "DIFFERENCE" IS?????

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